Fortinet has released the latest version of its flagship operating system, FortiOS 6.2

FireEye enhances Threat Management Platform

NEW DELHI: NASDAQ-listed FireEye Inc has launched FireEye Security Orchestrator along with advanced features for Threat Analytics Platform (TAP), Email (EX/ETP) & Network (NX) Security, and Enterprise Forensics, simplifying and accelerating organizations’ abilities to detect and respond to threats.

“As cyber threats developed more complex operations to successfully carry out their attacks, the security industry has created even more complexity through the number of technologies and alerts our customers must deal with,” said David DeWalt, CEO and chairman of the board, FireEye. “FireEye Security Orchestrator addresses the resource strain all security teams currently face with automation and an open platform based on the best intelligence, technology, and expertise. Combined with the new intelligence-led detection and response functions of our Threat Management Platform, we are solving not just for today’s threats by creating the future of security operations.”

FireEye Security Orchestrator The FireEye Security Orchestrator provides organizations a “single pane of glass” technology from recently-acquired Invotas to respond to incidents, and integrates it with the enahnced intelligence-led FireEye Threat Management Platform. By unifying workflows across different security technologies and automating repetitive, manual processes, FireEye Security Orchestrator helps organizations reduce response times by an average of 98 percent and eliminates 99 percent of process errors, ultimately reducing overall risk exposure by 40 percent.

Email Security (EX & ETP) FireEye is continuing to innovate both the on premise and cloud options of its email security solutions. New, intelligence-led capabilities for detecting and blocking business disruption exploits that enter organizations through spear phishing emails such as ransomware, sender impersonation fraud and credential harvesting will be available on the EX series in June and on Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP) in July. These new capabilities are fueled by FireEye threat intelligence with correlation of data across the entire FireEye platform. EX and ETP provide organizations automatic, real time protection from email-borne threats preventing costly breaches and remediation.

Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) Further addressing the resource strains of security teams, TAP introduces the Guided Investigations feature to simplify the work of incident responders and decrease response time. Guided Investigations utilizes predictive analytics on security alerts, suggesting five or more queries the responder should use and prepopulating them for an even faster turn from search to action. The new predictive capabilities also offer visibility into different intelligence, providing new ways for the responder to take action.

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