Figure 1 app for healthcare professionals available in India

NEW DELHI: Figure 1 has announced that its free photo-sharing platform for healthcare professionals is now available in India, the first Asian market for the company.

The app enables healthcare professionals and students across the globe to connect, discuss, and share de-identified content.

“We are very excited to have launched in India,” said Dr. Joshua Landy, a Critical Care Medicine Specialist who developed the concept while seeing patients in an Intensive Care Unit in Toronto, Canada.

“Medicine is a visual field and there’s so much to be learned from medical images. Figure 1 is a privacy-conscious way for Indian healthcare professionals to view, share, and talk about a wide variety of medical findings.”

In conjunction with the launch of Figure 1 in India, the company will also be starting the India Ambassador program and Fellows program. The Ambassador program is made up of medical, nursing and dental students who spread the word about Figure 1. The Fellows program is for practicing healthcare professionals who guide the direction of the community. The Figure 1 team will be meeting with healthcare professionals in Mumbai and Delhi over the next week to kick off these programs.

Figure 1 allow users to recognize diagnoses more quickly, to grow their knowledge of medicine, and to assist practitioners in other parts of the world.

Patient privacy is a key priority for Figure 1. The company has worked with Indian lawyers to ensure the platform complies with Indian privacy laws. Patient consent forms are built into the app and translated into 9 different languages. An automatic facial blocking tool also recognises and blocks patients’ faces, while a draw feature enables healt hcare pr ofessionals to block potentially identifying markers such as tattoos. All images are moderated for privacy ahead of being posted.

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