Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Future to the Home: TLF 2022

Yugal Kishore Sharma, CEO, ONE Broadband, Hinduja Group spoke about FTTH at the recently held 21st edition of Voice&Data

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Yugal Kishore Sharma, CEO, ONE Broadband, Hinduja Group spoke at the recently held 21st edition of Voice&Data Telecom Leadership Forum. He spoke on Fiber to the Home- FTTH, bringing the future to the home.


Sharma spoke of the first wave in the telecom industry that gave India its mobility wave, where voice and data became accessible on wireless. “The next wave, coming out of the pandemic and during the pandemic, is the fixed-line broadband. The fat pipe coming to your home, bringing internet bandwidth for various applications at your home, which we all have experienced,” said Sharma.

Sharma talked of how fixed wireline has brought continuity for business ”Except that we can't see each other physically and be in the same hall together, rest all, pretty much we have seen how fixed wireline broadband networks have served the purpose and the need has been felt even more than before,” Sharma mused.

One OTT intertainment Limited is a Hinduja Group Enterprise looking into telecom and entertainment. “One OTT is all geared up to take fiber right into the home of every Indian citizen in phases, starting from metros to capital cities, and of course, also participating and working closely with the government to take that fiber right up to every village, to every nook and corner of our country through the ambitious program of BharatNet,” Sharma asserted.


“At One OTT, we believe that GPON Access Technology , FTTH - Fiber To The Home, through last mile connectivity, is actually bringing the future to the home, from a consumer perspective,” Sharma continued,  “In the coming times with 5G coming on the other side, I foresee both these last mile technologies, one trying to serve the purpose wirelessly and other serving the purpose on the wire, both are going to augment and complement the entire reachability for the home of every customer.”

Sharma also talked about telcos using last mile connectivity fiber for connecting their micro cell sites. “Last mile fiber, sitting on top of every building and connecting every home, is the fiber that will all also be utilized by telcos for connecting last mile micro cell sites, bringing it more closer, more deeper and nearer to the next door neighbourhood buildings to give a seamless 5G coverage.”

Sharma concluded by saying, “the internet has proven the lifeline for civilization across the globe and fiber connectivity gives a big, support ecosystem, like a lifeline for citizens.”

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