‘Ever increasing security threats directly impact the stability and reliability of enterprises’

Extreme Networks is a leading company in the open converged
networks space. Open converged networks will facilitate customers to implement
IP Telephony, voice grade wireless, high performance computing and other network
intensive applications. Extreme Networks CIO and VP (Marketing) Paul Hooper spoke
to VOICE&DATA about the company’s game plan in the networking space
and its expansion plans out of India. Excerpts:

Can you tell us about Extreme Networks’
key focus areas in the networking space?
Extreme Networks delivers innovative solutions enabling
organizations, both enterprises and service providers, to address complex
business challenges. Our products deliver secure converged voice, video and data
with advanced switching infrastructure, sophisticated management and monitoring
applications, and advanced network protocols that are complemented with an
extensive professional services portfolio.

For telecom service providers, we deliver cost-effective carrier
Ethernet infrastructure that incorporates quality of service and subscriber
scalability allowing carriers to build metro networks that profitably deliver
triple play services for residential and business subscribers with one network.

What are the key networking challenges
enterprises face today, and what are the solutions that you are offering?
Enterprises are facing three major networking challenges-one,
enabling the network infrastructure to allow tighter integration and awareness
of applications that travel on the networks; two, an ever increasing set of
security threats that directly impact stability, reliability and overall
enterprise services; and three, the need to simplify the complexity of
environment management and compliance.

Extreme delivers product and services that enable enterprises to
have far greater insight and control of the activities and actions of the
networking infrastructure. Specifically, we have delivered an open, extensible
operating system that supports standards-based XML management communications; we
have delivered VSR (virtual security resource) technologies that provide for
virtual in-line security without compromising on reliability or performance and
a powerful enterprise-class management platform that allows single-station
management of all Extreme solutions.

Can you provide more details about insight
and control-and their significance?
True network intelligence requires two critical components-‘insight’
into the activities and demands upon the network in conjunction with the ability
to ‘control’ response or reaction to events or threats. Specifically, the
native insight feature on our edge systems is able to detect ‘new connection’
events and then initiate control actions that automatically undertake end-point
client-less scans for virus or configuration anomalies before establishing
appropriate connectivity.

Furthermore, we can uniquely support companies in evolving from
the current practice of converging networks to a new era. We call this the
"embedded stage" — the basis of intelligent communications.

How important is India to Extreme’s
overall business?
India is a strategic and important region for Extreme. We continue to
invest in India as a new market for Extreme to expand its world wide sales
presence, and also to deliver continued cost-effective growth of both our
engineering and IT organizations. The engineering function within India is
focused on the development, testing and sustaining-engineering of our
cross-platform operating system, ExtremeXOS, and also our enterprise management
system-EpiCenter. Our IT function in India provides development and support for
the core enterprise applications deployed within Extreme.

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