Empowering a Billion Lives

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New Update

Convergence India 2010 Expo, a much awaited event which is all set to give a

successful sneak into the current and future happenings of the ICT industry.

This year, it is at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from March 23-25.


Organized by Exhibitions India Group, the event is an

ideal platform for converging technologies and merging business practices that

provide the stimulus for expansion, upgradation, modernization of networks, and

enhancement of mass connectivity. Convergence Expo, reportedly is the South

Asia's largest ICT event. The event is supported by the Ministry of

Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and is certified

by the US Department of Commerce.

'Digital Convergence... Empowering a Billion Lives' is the

theme for this year's convergence expo. The event has a sharp business focus and

with every passing year, it has evolved as an ideal platform for converging

technologies and merging business practices. Among the telecom and technology

enthusiasts, the event has always been an affair to remember.

Every year industry experts, associations, stalwarts come

together with a vision to promote the global ICT industry. This year over 500

exhibitors, hundred speakers, 2,000 delegates and 15,000 visitors from over

twenty-five countries are expected to participate in the three-day expo.


This year the main speakers are JS Sarma, chairman, Trai;

Ajay Bhattacharya, administrator, USO Fund (DoT); PV Acharya, director, C- DoT;

Alex Borland, director, Latens; Andre Marais, director, Symmetricom; Amit Gupta,

principal analyst, Ovum; Bengt Hellstorm, director, APAC (Net Insight AB); CS

Rao, president, WiMax Forum; Gregory Smiley, senior technology manager, Nokia;

Gurdeep Singh, CEO, Aircel; Narayanan Rao, group CEO and ED, NDTV; Noel Mathews,

VP, Ericsson; Reddeppa Chetty, DGM, ITI; Prashant Singhal, Partner, Ernst &

Young and others.

Diverse issues will be debated and discussed at the expo.

The range of issues are from the future of wireless business, sustenance in

multi-operator environment, digitalization, re-defining broadband, implementing

MNP and customer retention challenge, security and surveillance, infrastructure

development, VAS and mobitainment, green ICT, emerging markets and technologies

to India going global. The three days will see different topics with industry

experts analyzing it. It will also prove to be an interesting venue for


Last year with 3G spectrum allocation, USO fund and mobile

network portability (MNP) put on hold, the previous year remained non-prolific

for the nation. The expo will try to unanimously have a perspective on issues

and also help in giving an insight into the important issues. It will also aim

at the best possible way to go about convincing the management to present a time

bound solid business case with clear benefits and relevance for the industry.


Experts and stakeholders will be contemplating and

addressing the issues as well as providing insights on trends, challenges and

opportunities in the sector. The discussion will also encompass the

methodologies to overcome impediments and make India a global hub of ICT

excellence. Convergence India will showcase the need to propagate the

convergence of delivery systems as the preferred platform for vendors,

operators, service providers and IT companies.

Like always, there will be a roundtable discussion which

will have eminent panelists discussing on the applications of existing

communication technologies, optimal management of scarce resources, secure

communications, tapping into the rural markets, implementation of e-governance

schemes. The discussion will be followed up by a brainstorming questions and

answers session. This round is perhaps the most energetic of all which scans and

dissects every phase and form of the industry.

With associations, regulatory bodies, private firms, tech

intelligentsia, an impactful Convergence  India 2010 can be looked forward to.

Hopefully, it will live up to its theme and help in 'empowering a billion


Archana Singh