Educomp unveils 231 apps for toddlers

Technology and kids have no paradoxical association today. As the technology is getting pervasive, one of the leading providers of educational content Educomp has introduced 231 apps aimed at toddlers and school children.

The apps, to be available on Educomp official Website, can be downloaded and would also feature at Android market. Conceived by the Little Millennium App project, the new applications facilitate visual appeal, interactive learning and skill development.

Ranging from phonics, rhymes and stories to parenting tips- the apps offer unique image, audio and video based experience to kids. With touch screen, learners can actively take control of apps and derive creativity with performance card.

Educomp Solutions R&D head Bindu Rana said that leveraging appropriate content at right time is critical for educational needs of children. “Today, technology is viewed as a facilitator that can help in developing skills. Technology is changing the way children learn and bring fun to learning,” she said.

Rana also said that their apps are payable and can be downloaded on varied devices. “All the 231 apps will be available in Android market,” she added. Educomp, Rana said, is also launching a new tablet with educational content soon.

Intel has also come together with Educomp for technology-driven awareness initiatives. Both companies believe that personal computing devices are no more taboo, and are vital for children’s development. Intel and Educomp also hosted interactive workshop for parents and children last week.

Sandeep Aurora, marketing director at Intel South Asia feels that technology is becoming intuitive and with new form factors, computing devices are best suited to engage toddlers and children. “Technology can be a truly wonderful part of a child’s life,” added Aurora.

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