Dr TH Choudhury

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Dr Chowdary pioneered the phenomenon of public STD telephone

booths in villages. He has been very instrumental in the shaping up of the

indian telecom sector. He was the founding chairman and MD of India's Overseas

Communications Corporation (VSNL); governor, INTELSAT and ED, INMARSAT, senior

expert of the ITU.

Dr Chowdary was the IT advisor to the Government of Andhra

Pradesh (AP), mentoring the State's extensive programs for e-Governance,

Government to Citizen services (e-Seva) on the Internet. He founded the

Center for Telecom Management & Studies (CTMS) in 1988.

A fellow of TCS and Satyam Computer Services since 1992, he is

the chairman of Pragna Bharathi (Intellect India, AP).