Dr Pradeep Sindhu

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Dr Pradeep Sindhu, PhD in Computer Science from

Carnegie-Mellon University, founded Juniper Networks in 1996 and was considered

crazy to take aim at Cisco. Within five years of its formation, Juniper grabbed

30% of the high-end router market.

Prior to this, at the Computer Science Lab at Xerox PARC, Dr Sindhu worked on

design tools for VLSI and high-speed interconnects for shared-memory

multiprocessors. This work led to the commercial development of Sun Microsystems'

first high-performance multiprocessor system family, which includes the SS1000

and SS2000. Dr Sindhu played key roles in the architecture, design and

development of these machines. He is now responsible for Juniper's technical

roadmap. He is behind the company's latest initiative-Infranet, which is

aimed at solving performance and security problems inherent in the Internet.