Dr Narinder Singh Kapany

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An art collector, a sculptor, and a philanthropist, Dr

Narinder Singh Kapany is known to the world of telecom for an entirely different

reason. He is known as the father of fiber optics for his invention of the

wonder material in 1954. Fortune magazine called him an "unsung hero"

in its issue on businessmen of the century.

Not many in the technology industry in India are too sure about his

achievement. Ironic, considering the fact that Dr Kapany was not just a

researcher who was confined to the labs but probably the first Indian

entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. He founded his first company, Optics

Technology way back in 1960, at a time when the Silicon Valley was not even

known by this name. Today, in his 70s, he is the chairman of his third start-up,

K2 Optronics, founded in April 2000. Dr Kapany is arguably India's greatest

contribution to the world of telecom.