Dr Gururaj Deshpande

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Dr Gururaj Deshpande's outstanding success in both

technical innovation and entrepreneurial accomplishment in the communications

industry rivals none. The Canadian billionaire of Indian origin (from Dharwad,

Karnataka) has consistently remained on the cutting edge of communications

technology. With the thrust on innovation for the telecom industry, Dr Deshpande

has founded about seven network companies like Coral Networks, Cascade Networks,

Sycamore and Tejas Networks to name a few.

Tejas Networks is an organization focused on developing and

selling leading edge, yet practical, optical networking products. As the single

largest investor in the company, Dr Deshpande has acted as a mentor to Tejas

helping it excel in the optical networking products arena.

His keen involvement in innovation building has resulted in MIT's Deshpande

Center for Technological Innovation, which serves as a vehicle for innovation in

the field of semiconductors, wireless and telecommunication. Dr Deshpande has

received many industry honors, such as 'Industry Player for 2000' award

given by the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council.