DoT Launches Portal; Allows Finding All Numbers Registered & Remove Unauthorized Ones

DoT has made it easy for users to find how many numbers are in their name at the moment. The telecom department  launched a portal — Now people can check if there are any numbers in their name without their knowledge.

The New Customer Service Portal by DoT

The incidents of unauthorized use of a person’s details to get a SIM are increasing rapidly. Most of the times, this is done to use the SIMs for illegal activities.

Deputy Director General, DoT (AP), A. Robert Ravi, said that in light of that, the department has come up with this online tool to help people get rid of numbers which they are not actually using.

The official also said that this service will come to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana first. Afterwards, the service will be extended to other circles in a phased manner.

Furthermore, the official said the the telecom department has restricted how many SIMs a person can take out. That number is limited to 9. However, there are users with more than 9 connections issued to them.

How the Portal Works

What the site will do is list out all the numbers issued to a person. If there is a number that the person does not recognize, they have the option to request to block the number. Users can check by using any active number and OTP on the portal.

After that, the department will alert the consumers through SMS. The SMS will inform the users about the number of mobile connections working in their names. Then, the subscribers can visit the portal and report the numbers that they either don’t use anymore or don’t want.

A ticket ID will be issued to the customers to keep track of their requests. Once the action is taken by the user, the telecom service providers will block or deactivate the numbers.

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