Digital illiteracy to hamper growth

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Lack of digital literacy amongst India's business leaders is more likely to hamper business growth, says a report on The Future Role of the CIO; Digital Literacy' by CA Technologies.


However, the study showed that while business leaders may lack digital literacy, they do understand the role of technology in their organizations. About 84 percent of Indian CIOs in the study felt their management teams consider IT to be strategically important.

CIOs fear senior-level digital illiteracy is causing a lack of market responsiveness, missed business and investment opportunities, poor competitiveness and slower time to market.

37 percent of Indian CIOs in the study felt that their management fully understand the capabilities and impact of new and emerging technologies. Notably, 80 percent of CIOs surveyed in India felt that their organizations were fully using IT to grow their business. Out of the 20 percent who felt otherwise, the top reason that management is not fully using IT to grow the business is because they do not understand the value that IT already brings.

A total of nine Asian markets were involved in the global survey, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, said a release.

Professor Joe Peppard, Director of the Information Systems Research Centre at Cranfield School of Management said, "CIOs are transitioning into the role of brokers of IT services; they will also be orchestrators of decisions concerning the architecture of the enterprise, innovation with IT, compliance and policies, and will have closer involvement with line of business managers in realising value from their digital strategies."