Developers should view 5G as another opportunity to develop products closely aligned to the needs of IoT projects and associated stakeholders.

Developers need to rapidly gear-up to align 5G with the needs of IoT: Kiran Zachariah, Subex

Globally solution and equipment providers have already brought to fore technologies and equipment that can initiate the deployment of the fifth-generation spectrum. And, thus, the combination of 5G and IoT would naturally accelerate the quality of our life and accentuate the working of many connected devices saving precious resources like time and money.

Kiran Zachariah, VP – IoT Business Solutions, Subex, through a brief interaction with VoicenData, signals to developers on how to gear up quickly to be 5G-ready in terms of its potential exploitation with IoT devices. Few excerpts:

VoicenData: How is 5G going to complement IoT devices? What is the expected outcome of the performance of IoT devices by leveraging 5G?

Kiran Zachariah: 5G delivers faster data transfer speeds. This will enable faster decision making which will be very helpful in segments such as connected cars (applying brakes in case a barrier emerges suddenly) and in manufacturing (assembly line can be stopped faster if a defect is detected). Further with Mobile Edge Computing, IoT projects will become more scalable as devices will now be able to gather unprecedented amounts of actionable data enabling better decision making.

VoicenData: As an IoT solutions provider, how would Subex deliver solutions that are suitable for 5G?

Kiran Zachariah: We already have an IoT security solution that works at the edge and we are among the earliest vendors in the market to offer this. Our solution enables localization of IoT security at the edge. This means that infections that arise at the device level can be detected and contained faster preventing the infection from spreading upstream.

VoicenData: Would IoT device developers miss out on anything if they are not going to prepare themselves now to leverage 5G? What is the foresight plan one should have to harness 5G at its launch?

Kiran Zachariah: Yes, that goes without saying. Developers should view 5G as another opportunity to develop products closely aligned to the needs of IoT projects and associated stakeholders. Generational changes in communication technology offer a unique opportunity for developers to offer new features and revisit their product roadmaps to incorporate new trends and changes that are gradually evolving. It also spawns a new breed of competitors as the new generation opens up new opportunities that existing players may have missed. In the case of 5G, Mobile Edge Computing opens a new world of possibilities. Faster decision-making may, for instance, lead to decision makers seeking more data points at a local level from these IoT deployments.

VoicenData: How is Subex placed in delivering products/solutions that are suitable for 5G?

Kiran Zachariah: As I have mentioned before, we are already offering a solution that caters to 5G. We are of the opinion that with 5G, IoT projects will receive a huge boost and it is imperative that we take care of all pitfalls so that projects are executed seamlessly, and they continue to deliver RoI to all stakeholders. Subex’ product roadmap had factored in 5G a while back so now we are ready for 5G.

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