Dev Gupta

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Narad, networks Dev Gupta's new analog signal processor designed in silicon

germanium (SiGe) doubled, and later quintupled, the bandwidth of coaxial cable

networks, enabling 100 Mbps access to SMBs and to homes. Narad Networks has

developed managed broadband access solutions that deliver managed bandwidth to a

level consistent with the capacity of the optical network core. Gupta has come

to be regarded as an expert in broadband and network access infrastructure

technologies. Prior to Narad, he founded two companies-MaxComm Technologies

(developed residential and telephone central office products for voice and data

integration) and Dagaz Technologies (digital subscriber line access multiplexors

and associated customer premises equipment). Both companies were acquired by

Cisco for around $267 mn. He had also served as vice president of architecture

and technology at Cisco's access business unit, and senior level management

positions at Bell Labs.