DEN to deploy STMicroelectronics’ cable chipset

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Cable MSO (multi-system operator) DEN Networks will deploy STMicroelectronics’ STiH273 HD cable chipset in order to add more subscribers and grow its own revenues.


The ST technology will help DEN to broaden market access to HD zappers and enable DEN to add more subscribers and increase its revenues.

Backed by an enhanced processing engine with integrated on-chip features, the chipset is manufactured in 40nm process technology. It will help operators to take advantage of lower-cost memories, and minimize system power consumption.

“The STiH273 HD (Palma) integrates a field-proven and deployed Digital Video Broadcast-Cable (DVB-C) demodulator that has been optimized to work with high-performance external Controller Area Networks (CANs) and silicon tuners

to meet the stringent RF-performance requirements of the Indian cable networks,” a statement said.


STiH273 (Palma) delivers Faroudja® video, 3DTV support, connectivity, and advanced security schemes with all the latest Conditional Access System (CAS) support, including NSK2.

“Our new high-definition digital set-top boxes leverage STMicroelectronics’ feature-packed and flexible System-on-Chip ICs, providing an ideal platform for us to deliver innovative value-added services to our customers,” said MG Azhar, COO, DEN Networks.

“As a leading cable MSO in India, DEN Networks sets the trend for technology, modernization, and radical transformation, and ST is proud to contribute to DEN’s strategic intent,” said Vivek Sharma, regional vice president, Greater China and South Asia region, and Director, India Design Center, STMicroelectronics.


According to telecom regulator TRAI, during 2014, India is expected to complete its TV digitization plan,  As a result, TV subscribers will purchase an additional 75 mn set-top boxes (STBs) during the year.

ST Microelectronics is a European chip making company. A global leader in the semiconductor market, the company serves customers across the spectrum of power, automotive products and embedded processing solutions.

DEN Networks is India's leading cable-TV distribution company. It has over six mn digital-cable subscribers.