Dayakar Puskoor

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A wireless messaging visionary and telecommunications

engineer, Dayakar Puskoor founded JP Mobile in 1995, a leading developer of

web-to-wireless portal data solutions that integrate multiple handheld

communications devices and data networks, allowing mobile users to wirelessly

access Internet and intranet information anywhere, anytime. His two-man company

transformed the PDA industry by enabling the Palm with wireless communications

through the Beamlink and One-TouchMail products. JP Mobile was later acquired by

Good Technology in 2005.

Puskoor has personally written numerous patents and received multiple awards

for his engineering expertise and systems development. During his distinguished

10-year career at Motorola, he held key management, product development and

wireless technology roles. His major achievement was the design and development

of the first FLEX-TD system in Japan for Tokyo Tel-Message Company's

nationwide paging network.