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Address: Plot No. 5, Kurla-Bandra Complex Road, Off CST Road, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai — 400 098
Fax: 022-6528914/8476
Web site: www.dlink-india.com 

it or not, D-Link is today a brand that has both recall value
and market share. Its biggest individual slice is in three
segments–NIC, dial-up modem, and hub. It was #1 in dial-up
modem and #3 in structured cabling. Overall, it propelled itself
to the position of #2 Networking Master in terms of products
sold. And that to when the product markets have shown flat

The company made
substantial gains in the structured cabling market by clocking
revenues of Rs 15 crore. NIC and hubs continued to be the major
revenue earner for the company. D-Link sold around 3,83,000
units of NICs and 47,000 hubs. Modem business contributed Rs
33.2 crore, thus capturing a 50 percent market share.

The year gone by also
witnessed the company’s foray into high-end switching, routing
segments, and broadband modems.

So, how has this company
got within shooting range from Cisco? Can competitive pricing
alone take a company to such heights? To be fair to this
powerhouse, D-Link today has one of the shortest time to market,
thanks to the manufacturing plant in Goa. The ISO 9002 certified
plant, the company claims, has a capacity of manufacturing
50,000 NICs and 10,000 hubs of various types per month. And
recently it has added one more feather to its cap by commencing
a global R&D centre at its manufacturing facility.

D-Link has a list of 21
distributors, and many reseller partners across India. D-Link
has put in place a toll-free line and a Net-based technical
assistance mechanism.

Plans for the current year includes adding
more assembly lines to its manufacturing plant and spinning off
its R&D centre into a new company. D-Link has outlined RAS
as a growth area. Besides, the company has ISDN and cable modem
products in the pipeline. Another focus area would be dual-speed
switches with structured cabling.

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