Cyberoam rolls out Future Ready UTM---Version X

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Cyberoam has released its new firmware with Cyberoam's Version X that integrates new features that strengthen the existing Cyberoam UTM to offer seamless security, connectivity and productivity to all industry segments.

The features of Version X include an Extensible Security Architecture (ESA), Application Layer 7 Management, 3G/WWAN connectivity, security for HTTPS/SSL traffic, Instant Messaging Archiving & Control, Next-Gen GUI, and IPv6 support. The Version X features will enable Cyberoam UTM appliances add speed to security by enabling identity-based policy control, easy management, faster reboot time and a faster GUI access.

Abhilash Sonwane, VP-product management, Cyberoam, said, ”Cyberoam's Extensible Security Architecture offers organizations an extensible security platform that can grow with their future security needs without degrading system performance. It keeps them well ahead of security threats by supporting feature enhancements that can be rapidly developed and deployed with minimum effort.”