Secureye Body Worn camera in police

As crime rate doubles, AI tech-based body worn cameras show demand by police personnel

Rape cases and similar violations are nowadays a leading menace to women and children. Take the case of the latest heinous act by 4 men in Hyderabad last month, when they raped and burnt a young Veterinarian. Thankfully the Hyderabad police nabbed the criminals and also in an encounter operation eliminated them.

In a lot of such crime situations, technology has been a serious aid to the police department, helping them track and identify possible crime committers through surveillance systems. The intelligent camera system can capture and transmit the video of unlawful activities and can also send an alert system allowing a location tracker to signal.

Most of these surveillance systems have an IoT-based embedded system to provide fast processing rate and accuracy. In fact, these days Artificial Intelligence is not the thing of a science fiction or any concept-based technology. It’s equally important for the security and surveillance system. AI aids video analytics technology in security camera systems and these AI-enabled security cameras use motion detection functions with greater precision for any event detection.

Another thing of the present-day advancement using advanced technology is the Body Worn Camera (BWC), which has transformed the criminal justice system by facilitating information gathering and thereby enhancing public safety.

Manish Agarwal Director, Secureye

Manish Agarwal Director, Secureye

Explaining why there is a surging demand for Body Worn Cameras is Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye. The company was incorporated with a mission to become a single point shop for all security and surveillance needs of any customer. Secureye prides itself for creating embedded system-based products in security and surveillance system that is paired with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and IoT to serve its purpose in today’s era.

“Secureye has products like CCTV cameras, Biometric Machines, Access Control Solutions, Entrance Security Solutions, RFID based solutions, and Body Worn Cameras. We use embedded system-based technology into our products and security solutions,” introduces Manish Agarwal about his company.

Manish says that his company Secureye is in the constant process of innovation and implementation of embedded structure applications, audio/video encoding/decoding arithmetic and network protocol research.

Secureye’s biggest bet on Body Worn Cameras

A Body worn camera is a small device that can be clipped onto a collar or pocket. The batteries last for more than 6 to 8 hours with continuous high-quality recordings. It can record videos in bad lighting conditions like dark places or at nights.

Offering more clarity on the Body Worn Camera system, Manish Agarwal says, “In today’s technological era of advanced equipment, we are quite adaptive in using the latest products to ensure safety and security of us as well as society. In the past few years, it’s quite evident to see the usage of the Internet has increased manifold. And in that course, these days anyone can easily upload video footage on various platforms and start live streaming of any incident. Many state governments have implied a rule to make compulsory for Police Officers and Security personnel to wear body worn cameras. This will enable them to record any incident occurring at the scene of a crime or even during a normal conversation after any security alert.”

Body worn cameras bag the credit to deliver better transparency and accountability and is directly responsible for law enforcement legitimacy. For the police, body cameras can provide actual videos and audios of the event which can independently verify what happened in that situation. Video captured during police operations restores confidence and tags credibility to the inference of the crime investigation. The practice of adoring Body Worn Cameras is still at its initial phase; however, it is soon to be a piece of standard equipment in the Police Department and a part of the Police officer’s must-have across the nation.

Harnessing AI tech for surveillance systems

Manish Agarwal “Secureye has always been restless to adopt new technologies into their products. Artificial Intelligence is the latest tech incorporation into some of our products like LCD NVR Kit. The cameras in this kit have in-built humanoid feature that can track any moving body above 3ft height to record its movements. These cameras are also connected to a secure cloud storage through P2P server. Using connected technology, these cameras can also be controlled through mobile Apps.”

“Secureye has also recently launched Alexa-enabled indoor and outdoor cameras. It features two-way communication and wireless recording facility and all the data is stored on the cloud. Now suppose you are sitting in your dining area and there you say, ‘hey Alexa show me my garage’, Alexa will throw a video on any of the device that can live stream. These cameras also feature motion detection and alarm trigger. An unwarranted movement is intimated to the user immediately through an SMS and an email.”

Apart from these tech-enabled surveillance systems, Manish says that Secureye’s Biometric products are all built on the principles of IoT that enables the users to operate any device from any part of the world. Manish reveals that every device can act as an independent entity as well as work with a cluster of other devices. Data from these devices can be retrieved from a central point.

Future-set in the growth path

Manish strongly believes that a strong R&D department is essential for Secureye to innovate and strive for excellence! “Secureye has about 100 engineers and each year we invest a major chunk of our revenue into Research and Development. Secureye is one of the very few manufacturers with its own facility in India. Our near term plan is to expand our manufacturing unit and double production in the coming years,” discloses Manish.

With a strong focus on being one of the leading manufacturers and providers of security and surveillance systems combined with smart intelligent technologies, Secureye is out there in the market to secure the top order ranking.

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