Covestro collaborates with start-ups to foster innovation

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Covestro is collaborating with Plug and Play to explore opportunities in materials innovation and digitalization. Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play is among the world’s largest start-up accelerator and innovation centre. The organization connects start-ups with corporations. That gives entrepreneurs access to resources and longer existing company’s access to cutting-edge solutions for specific vertical markets.

Covestro recently signed on as a participating corporation in the New Materials & Packaging platform of Plug and Play. The company also has opportunities to collaborate with entrepreneurs in other industry-specific vertical platforms of the accelerator, such as Mobility, the Internet of Things and Health & Wellness.

“We are intensifying our active cooperation with international start-ups from different angles. The partnership with Plug and Play is a very important proof point,” explained Dr. Hermann Bach, Head of Innovation management at Covestro. “By working closely with start-ups in sustainable materials, data-driven business models and digital services today, we’re staying on top of tomorrow’s trends while working to solve the challenges of the future.”


“Everyone benefits,” agreed Saeed Amidi, founder and CEO, Plug and Play. “Covestro is gaining a fresh perspective while start-ups can take advantage of their global expertise and materials. We’re very pleased to have them on board.”

Plug and Play is the latest example of Covestro’s commitment to fostering a more entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. With its support for start-ups, the material manufacturer also underlines the use of sustainable sources such as plants and CO2 instead of oil.

“Innovation is at the heart of Covestro and collaboration with the start-up ecosystem is an important element of our innovation strategy. We’ll continue to explore new ways to reach out and collaborate with start-ups,” said Bach.

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