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convergence can be a great space saver and an efficient low cost

solution, the security risks it poses are manifold. Thus, a system which

provides low cost, efficient storage capacity and comprehensive data security is

looked at as an emerging trend today.

Cloud computing-which calls for

convergence on a single platform-can be greatly enhanced with the right kind of

security to let out only that amount of data to an x number of people in the



According to an F5 white paper, more bandwidth doesn't

equal more throughput; and increase in web applications, therefore calls for

increase in firewall security. F5 has recently launched new solutions for

applied data management combined with customized data security.

WAN optimization with specific network applications will

further help in reducing time and providing speed. Access policy will help in

maintaining contact all over, which means users do not have to keep signing in,

as the computer remembers the user and the password, irrespective of where you

log in from, just pausing your page till you get back.

F5's authentication alternatives include a code in the

application, agents on servers (remembering passwords) and specialized access

proxies, which serves as a better alternative to BIG-IP LTM and APM. For

application security, F5 offers protection for web applications. Its BIG-

IP Edge

extends the edge of data centers to the remote office and mobile user to

provide better performance and capacity at half the regular price. This solution

provides always-connected application access, combining symmetric, asymmetric

and client based acceleration techniques and is sensitive to applications used,

providing global access at the click of a button.


In India,

F5 offers these customized solutions for

software providers, enterprises, SPs, small/large businesses, banks, and the

government. It is looking at tier-2 customers in terms of rural integrators,

helping them reduce costs by offering six integrated services, for example,

instead of ten.

HP is also working on a similar technology and a single

data center, where organizations can converge on a single platform and users can

log in from anywhere at any time, thus optimizing virtualization. It is looking

at adding virtual servers, and is creating a blueprint combining a virtual

server with a heterogeneous server to provide operation flexibility and optimize

data center virtualization. This kind of a unified data center also contributes

to green computing, making use of 80% less electricity, and reducing the amount

of bandwith required.


In addition,

HP is also working on a common data pool for

pooling and sharing facilities in an automated manner, combining storage boxes

and using them as one. Thus, virtualization will become a cloud that is always

in the background. Moreover, HP is also looking at cloud metering, so that usage

can be charged from the user, thus ensuring a cost effective solution.

Crowd sourcing for BPOs through cloud by means of

multi-sourcing is also being looked at by an increasing number of BPOs in India

and abroad. This can help maintain the configuration and reduce cost of legacy

applications over time to cloud based applications services in the BPO space.

In terms of security solutions, Elitecore Technologies

India has also launched Cyberoam iView, an open source logging and reporting

solution in appliance form.


The Cyberoam iView appliances offer single point logging

and reporting of all network devices, delivering a comprehensive view of network


These are only a few of the recently launched storage

optimizing and high-end security integrated solutions now being offered by the

leading software solution providers. In the coming year, we will see more such

solutions that can be carved out to serve an organization better, catering to

its needs, and the needs of a growing data centered community globally.

Beryl M