Cisco, EMC, and VMware have worked closely on a shared vision of private cloud computing

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Which country in your opinion has been the fastest in deploying the maximum number of data centers in the APAC region?


In my opinion, China has grown very fast in the last couple of years. India is still far behind. The Indian industry stakeholders and the government has to do their bit of work before the country leads. Having said that, I will also add that the Indian industry in the last couple of years has grown very fast. I will add that Australia has taken some very fast strides in becoming #1 in terms of adopting virtualization.

Has EMC tied up with any company for providing cloud services?


Cisco and EMC, together with VMware have found a very significant collaboration. We introduced the Virtual Computing Environment coalition, an unprecedented collaboration of 3 IT industry leaders. The coalition has been created to accelerate customers' ability to increase business agility through greater IT infrastructure flexibility, and lower IT, energy and real estate costs through pervasive data center vitualization and a transition to private cloud infrastructures.

Cisco, EMC, and VMware have worked closely over the past year on a shared vision for the future of enterprise IT infrastructure-private cloud computing. A private cloud is a virtual IT infrastructure that is securely controlled and operated solely for 1 organization. It can be managed either by that organization or a third party, and it can exist on or off premises or in combination.

How are you planning to make the Indian SMEs more aware about deploying cost-effective cloud based services?


Though CIO believe that cloud can be a good adoption, but then they also have been sluggish in deploying due to issues like scalability and security at the back of their minds.

EMC today further extended its collaboration with Cisco by jointly launching their Cloud Experience Centers in Bengaluru. This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between 2 information technology industry leaders with the twin facilities located at the EMC Center of Excellence and at the Cisco Globalization Center East, creating a lab that provides Indian customers with an opportunity to experience the benefits and reliability of cloud based IT infrastructure.

Which are the newer trends that the global market is perceiving in data centers?


Though not newer but the latest trends that are present in the data center market is the disaster recovery. Given the fact that almost all countries are vulnerable to natural disasters, so most of the countries are going for disaster recovery deployments.

Data reduplication is another area which has grown tremendously. To cope with tremendous data growth, data duplication has shown major growth. The companies have become quite conscious in managing the backup, and keeping their recovery system updated.

Archana Singh