China Mobile rolls out Huawei VoLTE services in Zhejiang

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China Mobile launches Huaweis VoLTE HD voice services

NEW DELHI: Telecommunication equipment maker Huawei has said that China Mobile has rolled out its VoLTE (voice over LTE) HD voice services in Zhejiang, the first province in China to enter into the VoLTE era.


Huawei has won nearly half of China Mobile's nationwide VoLTE procurement project and was selected to be for the deployment of commercial VoLTE networks in developed coastal provinces as well as metropolitan cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

To continuously offer improved communication service experiences to customers, China Mobile introduced a next-generation convergent communication strategy at the beginning of 2014. The key highlights of the strategy include Zhejiang Mobile making the first VoLTE call in China and the first international VoLTE video call in 2013, as well as being the first in China to deploy fixed mobile convergence (FMC) networks, complete field verification, and roll out trial commercial use of VoLTE services, a release said.

The official commercialization of VoLTE services in Zhejiang is a new industry milestone for China Mobile and unveiled the start of VoLTE commercialization in China, it added.

Huawei is increasingly becoming the preferred strategic partner of leading global operators in 4G evolution and VoLTE services.

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