4 – Cabletron


Address: India Liaison Office, 6th Floor, Rockline Centre, 54 Richmond Road,
Bangalore – 560 025
Tel.: 080-5599024/31/52
Fax: 080-5599080
Web Site: www.cabletron.com


Cabletron, “switching” has been the buzzword. But in
order to have a horizontal expansion, it created four
independent operating companies to focus on high-growth markets.
The India Cabletron team looks charged up for a larger share of
the networking pie in India.

It is a clear winner on
the high-end LAN switches and has emerged as a preferred choice
in mission-critical networking environs. It figured in almost
all the top major networking contracts in the country. The
Reliance Petrochemical, Haldia Petro, Indian Oil, Silverline
Industries, and MBT orders alone are estimated have fetched it
Rs 5 crore each. Its success was on account of three
factors–proven high-performance and reliable products,
customer management skills, and focus. It has targeted niche
segments of manufacturing, IT, and government.

Its most significant
achievements have been its entry into the service provider’s
segment. And Cabletron bagged a major order worth Rs 2 crore
from ARM Ltd, a Category ‘B’ISP in Andhra Pradesh. While
Patel’s aggressiveness and Indianess gave fillip to Cabletron’s
portfolio in general, Birje’s ability to bring and integrate
Cabletron’s worldwide global initiatives into the Indian
marketplace instantaneously has made the customers more loyal to

The current year is likely to prop up
Cabletron. Some of its key initiatives last year
likeintroduction of product ranges for the enterprise and
service provider’s market, alliances with Global TeleSystems
and ARM are expected to bear fruit this year. It has already
announced the launch of Enterasys Networks in India to focus
exclusively on delivering strategic e-business solutions to
global enterprise customers. And the other three entities too
are soon to be launched. With Cabletron looking at India as an
important destination for investment and announcing plans to
invest to a tune of $50-100 million in strategic partnerships
and acquisitions, it will grow in strength.

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