CA Technologies’ enhanced product addresses compliance challenges in data protection

CA Technologies has announced new data protection enhancements to CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager.

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MUMBAI: To help enterprises better manage their data and address security and compliance needs, CA Technologies has announced new data protection enhancements to CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager.


According to CA, the new enhancement simplify security management across the enterprise and enables robust, end-to-end protection for data-in-motion from mobile to mainframe. The enhancements provide any IT team with:

Enterprise-wide insights that export mainframe security incidents to Splunk for a single-pane-of-glass view of risks, enabling security and audit professionals to better manage security end to end in an enterprise.

Support for data-in-motion that helps prevent loss of sensitive data on the mainframe with increased coverage of data sets to secure all core applications.


Simplified security and compliance with new and enriched event reporting for non-mainframe experts to help triage faster.

As the IT workforce trends towards a younger, experience-hungry demographic, CA has designed new features to provide a simplified, yet thorough, dashboard that gives IT teams of any skill level the visibility to see and respond to potential vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

“Data compliance and privacy are table stakes for any successful company,” said Ken Gross, Mainframe Software Specialist, Mainline Information Systems. “We see CA Data Content Discovery helping our customers with the ability to recognize, in an intelligent and accessible way, which data sets on the mainframe contain sensitive data that need to be protected from a governance and regulatory perspective.”

“The next generation mainframe is set to become the transaction platform of choice for mission-essential workloads. As companies start to consider how their transactional business takes place and begin to embrace newer technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain, securing the mainframe and data-in-motion is going to be crucial,” said Ashok Reddy, general manager, Mainframe and Workload Automation, CA Technologies. “CA’s mainframe security solutions are designed to support data-in-motion and work across the security lifecycle - from access control to data protection to compliance.”

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