Budget 2017-18: What Xius expects from Jaitley for Telecom Sector

NEW DELHI: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is all set to present the Union Budget for 2017-18 on 2nd February.This would be his third full-year Budget. So all eyeballs on his briefcase, what Jaitley is going to present for India.

Lets go through Xius’s pre-budget expectations from Jaitley .

“In the Union budget of 2017, we want to draw government’s attention towards investment allowance being given under section 32 AC. At present this investment rebate is limited to companies that are in the business of manufacturing products. Other sectors, for e.g. developing and building an infrastructure facility, telecom infrastructure service providers, core telecom technology creators, creation of broadband facility etc., are equally important and the investment advantage should be extended to these companies. This allowance will create ripple effect and enable further investments in these sectors. This approach is vital when the Government is leaving no stone unturned in order to take forward the digital payments and other e-initiatives in our country,”
“Having said that, we wholeheartedly welcome e-governance initiatives like Digital India, which are entirely supported by technology and is a result of continuous investments by the technology companies in cloud, Cyber Security, IoT and the like. Going forward, we expect the Narendra Modi led government to offer incentives in the form of weighted deduction on R&D costs similar to sectors, like Pharmaceutical and Automobile,”

G. V. Kumar Founder, CEO & Managing Director, XIUS, the telecom subsidiary of Megasoft

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