BT to secure cloud-based applications with Check Point Software

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British Telecom

NEW DELHI: British Telecom (BT) has signed an agreement with Check Point Software Technologies to embed additional security capabilities into BT’s global network, enabling customers to securely access cloud-based applications wherever they are hosted.


To better protect its customers’ boundaries with the internet, BT is now deploying additional managed security services at its global internet gateways, based on Check Point’s 13500 series firewall technology.

To improve its cloud services integration capabilities, BT is enhancing the internet breakout from its global network at global gateways. These are located at the world’s major internet peering locations.

The new embedded Cloud Firewall services are part of a range of hosted security solutions being deployed across BT’s global network to deliver its vision of the ‘cloud of clouds’, as announced in April 2015.


As more applications and workloads move to private, public and hybrid clouds, customers require efficient and secure access over a mix of dedicated and public networks.

Langridge, Vice President, Network Services at BT Global Services, said: “As our customers progress in their journey towards cloud-based IT, the need for secured connectivity to cloud resources through the internet has become critical. Our vision is to help them move confidently to cloud whilst minimising the complexity, risk and cost. BT and Check Point have a long track record of successfully working together with world leading multinational companies. Our new embedded Cloud Firewall services considerably reinforce the security credentials of BT’s cloud service integration offering.”

“We are thrilled to be working with BT on this innovative cloud security offering, protecting enterprises worldwide,” said Alon Kantor, Vice President of Business Development at Check Point Software Technologies.


Embedded Cloud Firewall services are now available for BT Global Services customers globally as a standard solution.

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