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Big Data and AI: A Superhero Concoction to Look Out For

The proposed idea of collaboration between two superheroes Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together reminds me of Stryker’s Weapon XI, which had the power of multiple mutants. However, our superhero concoction will be for the benefit of the world unlike the later from the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This concoction will be like an intelligent confluence of a body and brain with an ability to create new possibilities. The debate around AI eating into human jobs someday is getting hot with each passing day—taking us all into the world of Will Smith’s I, Robot. But if you perceive this phenomenon keeping in view the role played by big data, it all seems to be different from what you have known so far and far from reality.

Data analysts work on a company’s huge data giving machine learning algorithms an opportunity to master the decision-making skills. This helps companies optimize their core businesses. For example, the meteorology department uses big data along with AI to store data and work on it using images and video processing techniques for weather predictions. A lot of other companies are also going the big data and AI way to optimize their business.

Machines can never match the human intelligence and humans cannot compete with machines’ ability to sort out their help to sort out a humungous data in a matter of seconds. The collaboration will only pave way for the beginning of a new era of artificial intelligence.




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