Bagging the ‘Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award’, BlueTie proves excellence in establishing right networks

In today’s corporate world, 3 critical things that empower a professional are knowledge, financial stability, and individual networks. While the significance of knowledge and financial stability is well known, the power of networking is either not realized or not put to use effectively.

Networking among people solves most of the problems. However, to do effective networking one needs to have access to only those professionals who have mutual objectives at that moment, willingness to work with each other and available within the same time window.

All this access and information is readily available when we deal with the people we know and the possibility of effective networking is high. But these are often very limited number of people and most of the times they do not have the solution the moment we require it. Hence, when we try to solve this problem outside our limited network, it is difficult to get access to the information about professionals, their capability, their willingness to work with us, and their availability when we require them, even though there exists immense potential beyond our networks.

These are exactly the problems Kalyan Garud, Executive Director and co-Founder of BlueTie Global is addressing with his App-based solution. Blue Tie Global provides a platform, where networking is based on objectives and professionals connect to each other when their mutual objectives meet, by accessing all required information irrespective of whether they know each other or they have any reference.

Blue Tie Global provides a platform, where networking is based on objectives and professionals connect to each other when their mutual objectives meet. 

Introducing BlueTie Global, Kalyan Garud, says, “At BlueTie Global, we have specifically designed innovative features to address this for each of the areas required for effective networking, along with an unbiased rating mechanism to understand various capabilities claimed by the professional.”

Addressing the need for a single networking platform

Networking is also vital to the entrepreneurs today, who are constantly trying to solve their problems either via building teams, getting funds or by finding valuable partners. In this search for the right fit for their business, entrepreneurs end up spending a lot of time attending random events & meetups and chasing existing acquaintances in the hope of finding a solution.

“Time is of critical importance, especially with budding entrepreneurs. They should make efforts in meeting with professionals with complementing requirements. An example for the same would be reaching out to investors who are looking to invest at that particular moment, in the same nature of business from within the same sector. They need to look for professionals who are passionate about the business and making their learning curve exponential,” indicated Garud.

So how does BlueTie ease networking constraints?

BlueTie is a platform that facilitates objective based networking for professionals. It allows professionals to create their profiles, define their networking objectives at that moment and also their fortes. While the networking objective captures the intent, the fortes capture their professional skill-sets, software that they excel at and certifications that they might know. In addition to this, BlueTie also captures their industry experience.

“On the basis of those information mentioned above, our algorithms collate and help customers to discover and access the most relevant professionals with complementary objectives. We also enable the user to search for professionals & refine to the most granular level, by using a combination of smart filters pertaining to their Objectives, Fortes & Industry experience. Through this process, BlueTie makes sure that you are just not making connections, but reaching out to professionals who are also looking for you.”

BlueTie also has dedicated chats, where users can communicate seamlessly. The chat is also enabled with features that help sharing of Documents, Images, Location, and Scheduling of meetings.

BlueTie sets itself apart by offering a personalized BlueTie Pin – a contact credential that helps users to communicate effectively without sharing any personal information such as Phone Number or E-mail id, thus minimizing spam. On the outset, we cut the frills attached to networking that make it cumbersome and provide a platform where like-minded people can collaborate on a mutual synergy.

Curated subscription plan

Once a user joins the BlueTie family, the company caters to all of the networking requirements at different stages of one’s professional journey. Although, BlueTie is essentially a B2C product that allows free downloads for customers currently, the company also provides three curated premium plans, which are based on the networking needs of the professionals:

  1. BlueTie Opportunity – For those who look to get discovered and seek opportunities
  2. BlueTie Possibility – For those who are always on the lookout for collaborations, partnerships etc.
  3. BlueTie Infinity – This one is for all the go-getters, who want to level up their networking game

Finding success in just 8 months of launch

Despite being only 8 months old, BlueTie has managed to achieve a network of over 1.5 lac users with 1 new user joining every 70 seconds, round the clock. “This for us is a sign of acceptance and encouragement from our end customers. And while we have a strong consumer base across the metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, we are rapidly expanding our market across Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, and Kolkata,” shares Garud.

BlueTie was recently awarded the Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award, at the 11th edition of the International Achievers Conference. According to Garud, this award is a huge encouragement and an indicator of growth and potential of the business among our users. “The start has definitely been good, and every new story that we hear from our users, contributes to our pillar of success,” says Garud.

“We see a huge scope for global expansion.”

Testing waters in Indian soil and finding success has urged BlueTie to expand overseas. Sharing details on the global foray, Garud confidently expresses, “We see a huge scope for global expansion. Our Global advisors Jorgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio with experience in US, Europe markets, and Khalil Mohd Al-Hindwan, VP, TransSys Solution, guide us on technology and digital innovation at BlueTie and also spearhead our global penetration strategy aiding growth in these markets as well.

Cloud, AI-aided technology dictates future products

Most of the mobility products are enabled by either one or a combination of the 3 important features; which are registration, search and chat. To ensure interactive customer experience and to enable effective networking, BlueTie has been built on all of these technology facilitators using the latest frameworks from Android & iOS.

“To facilitate a smooth user journey, we have ensured a special focus towards standardization across platforms. We are leveraging the globally number #1 cloud infrastructure provider to ensure stability and performance, to ensure a seamless performance given the bandwidth fluctuations.

Our research team is exploring various new technologies like AI frameworks to offer insightful analytics to our users, that can provide personalized inputs, that drive them to improve their engagement and validating and ensuring the quality of user profiles on the platform.

After we establish the completion of the primary networking cycle on the platform, which enables users to comprehensively network and communicate with other professionals, our focus will be on the roadmap items that open new avenues of networking and enhancing the effectivity of existing networking avenues by bringing them on the platform,” describes Garud.

“We believe that networking is the root solution for any professional requirement and creating an ecosystem of symbiotic coexistence will greatly help add impetus to the growth of any business.”

Focused escalation plans

Garud has his plans strategically outlined. He says, “Our primary focus currently is to build a strong and relevant user base, which is the foundation for a strong network and then thereby open new avenues of network and making it a part of our professional lives and not an additional task that we need to tick off our to-do list. We believe that networking is the root solution for any professional requirement and creating an ecosystem of symbiotic coexistence will greatly help add impetus to the growth of any business.”

Garud believes that every roadmap item has a differentiating point leveraging on mutual synergy and an attached B2B monetization model that ensures opening up of revenue channels periodically. This is a highly scalable business nature, and opening up new revenue channels is assured to drive high revenues, foresees Garud.

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