Babu Mandava

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Babu Mandava is among the few who have fueled innovation in

the field of wireless technologies. His 22-year-long career in the semiconductor

field is dotted with innovations in ADSL and VoIP areas. Currently, he is the

president and co-founder of Beceem, a company that is a key contributor to the

IEEE 802.16e standards effort and has also been instrumental in defining the

first Mobile WiMAX profile for the WiMAX Forum.

Mandava obtained MSEE from IIT-Kanpur. From 1983 to 1986, he

worked at Semiconductor Complex, India, designing products for Indian telecom

and defense industries. In Centillium Communications, a company also co-founded

by him, Mandava was instrumental in the design and architecture of SIMD/VLIW DSP

processor that enabled the introduction of break through industry first like

multi-channel ADSL modem and high density VoIP chips. At Zilog, Mandava worked

on microprocessor, microcontroller including world's first micro controller/DSP

combo chips for the disk drive market.

He holds 5 US patents and publications in the area of design for testability

and fault tolerant processor design.