Avenues Aplenty for Skilled Man-Power

By: Anupam Shrivastava

In the recent past, BSNL had recruited over 2,500 graduate engineers mainly from the electronics and telecommunications stream. Some of the brightest engineers have joined the company as the screening was done through GATE scores

Continuously expanding telecom sector in India offers tremendous opportunities for employment at various levels. Substantial openings are coming up, by way of increasing rural connectivity up to Gram Panchyat level. While equipments for control and operation of voice and data services are tending to be centralized, offering urban centric jobs, still there is a requirement of huge man-power in operation and maintenance of transmission networks, BTSs, broadband equipment and Wi-Fi hotspots, FTTH and cell phone servicing etc. at grass root level, primarily in rural areas.

Avenues are opening up for skilled man-power in optical fibre, broadband maintenance and also as grass root telecom workers. We as a public sector company will be leveraging our training infrastructure to contribute significantly to all the programmes initiated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.

We will continue to grow as the biggest data consuming market and also being the cheapest at the same time. This will continuously enhance usage of 3G/4G LTE technologies etc. Broadband through FTTH will also be in the rising curve. Wi-Fi Hotspots will also see the tremendous growth in Public as well as Private Places considering the increasing Data demand. BSNL has already remained successful in increasing its market share in wireless domain in the last few months despite cut-throat competition and we hope to remain a force to reckon with while discharging all our social obligations as a public sector organisation.

Recruitment Plans

BSNL remains a highly preferred employer among the various avenues available in the country today. In the recent past we have recruited over 2, 500 graduate engineers mainly from the electronics and telecommunications stream.

Some of the brightest engineers have joined us as the screening was done through GATE scores. We have also recruited over 2,700 diploma engineers. Recruitments keep happening to take care of expansion plans, retirements and minor skill deficiencies arising out of employees separating from the company for various other reasons.

Creating ICT Skill Pool

BSNL has a very good infrastructure of around 25 training centres spread across the country. These training centres not only train our own personnels but also fruitfully engage in providing ICT training to various important institutions of the Government such as the Indian Army, various PSUs etc., besides students from various Universities.

We are already in partnership with State Government of Tamil Nadu for training thousands of persons in telecom technologies which are relevant for direct employment such as cell phone servicing, GSM BTS installation and maintenance, FTTH (fibre to the home) etc. In the recent past we have trained over 50,000 persons in many of these areas.

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