Avaya upgrades Breeze’s capabilities to handle false calls at 9-1-1 centers

BENGALURU: The Internet of Things and the mushrooming world of IoT devices, including the latest generation of smartphones and smart watches, is revolutionizing the way we communicate and connect to people and machines. But they are also the source of a growing list of 9-1-1 false events that can block the emergency service network.

To address this growing threat to the 9-1-1 system, Avaya has introduced to the US public safety market new capabilities for its Avaya Breeze workflow automation technology.

According to Avaya, using Breeze can help public safety officials and carriers to implement new functionality developed and deployed with and by public safety officials in the European Union, such as Snap-In applications specifically designed for public safety officials and agents, to agencies across the US.

Avaya, using Breeze, can now help agencies develop specific solutions that can assist in identifying undesirable patterns of calls and events and provide real-time, automated remediation actions and advice that will help minimize the risk that live emergency calls could be blocked or delayed by false calls.

Breeze technology enables public safety officials and carriers to develop solutions that help identify undesirable call patterns and deflect suspect traffic away from live operators for further analysis, freeing up those resources for calls that are actual emergencies. The next generation Breeze technology platform accomplishes this by simplifying application development while delivering built-in capabilities for enhanced mobile, citizen-facing and hybrid/cloud requirements.


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