*astTECS integrates WhatsApp in products to boost customer experience

Asterisk based open source communication solution provider *astTECS has announced the integration of popular messaging app WhatsApp across its product line, allowing *astTECS customers to communicate with their users via WhatsApp.

As WhatsApp is an instant way for businesses to connect with their customers, * astTECS believes that this integration unlocks an extensive communications channel, accelerating go-to-market, while reducing total cost of ownership. The solution, says *astTECS, amplifies the power of contact centres and unlocks a world of opportunity making customer interactions personalized & engaging.

Backed by the scale, open architecture and reliability of Asterisk platform, WhatsApp feature is integrated across *astTECS next-generation communications product line, empowering organizations with improved customer engagement & efficiency, increased conversions, optimized business practices,  accelerated deliveries, reduced costs, and higher revenue potential.

“Organizations are increasingly tapping the power of messaging to communicate with their customers for better services & support and reach them with alerts & notifications, said  Dr. Devasia Kurian, CEO, *astTECS. WhatsApp is a powerful and preferred communications channel to connect with consumers today and we are committed to build a strong communication ecosystem relying on open partnerships while driving new opportunities and help enterprises stay ahead in increasingly competitive markets, he added.

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