Arvind Virmani

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

As an advisor in the Ministry of Finance during the formation

of NTP 1999, Arvind Virmani argued for complete de-licensing of entry into (and

exit from) Telecom services coupled with competitive auction of tradable

spectrum permits. The former was to be achieved through an amendment of the

Telegraph Act to replace the public monopoly provisions to "promote

competition." Upon his suggestion, TRAI recommended de-licensing in telecom

sector to the government, which was subsequently accepted. He also played a

crucial role in eliminating 'natural monopoly' in providing last mile link

between the customer and the local exchange.

On merger and acquisition front, he suggested not allowing of M&A if the

emerged entity has more than 1/4th of the National telecom market. As an eminent

economist, he was director & chief executive, Indian Council for Research on

International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and also a member of TRAI.