Arun Netravali, (NRI)

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Shri Arun Netravalli's name is synonymous with innovation

and unique leadership. As the ninth president of Bell Lab's, he commandeered

innovation as he fostered stronger partnerships between Bell Labs and Lucent's


In 1997, Arun Netravali received the prestigious C&C

Prize for his contributions in digital image and video compression technologies.

His work on high-definition television has earned him an Emmy award. He has

authored 140 technical papers, co-authored three books and holds 60 patents in

the area of human interfaces, picture processing and digital television.

As the founder of a VC funding firm, Omni Capital, Shri Netravali continues

to work with the academic and investment communities to identify new

technologies. He has served on the editorial board of the IEEE, and is currently

an editor of several journals. He serves on the board of a number of