Arista launches 7500E series programmable switch

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Arista Networks has today added Arista 7500 ‘E' series pragrammable switch to its array of scalable data center switches portfolio. Arista 7500 provides 30 terabit fabric and 14 billion packets per second of non-blocking layer2/ layer 3 and VXLAN performance.


Arista 7500E Series is an engineering feat of excellence preserving existing network architectures while allowing the migration to cloud networks for Hadoop, Big Data, HPC, Web2.0 and end-to-end network virtualization. It includes four new linecard modules for 10/40/100Gigabit Ethernet switching, Supervisor and Fabric system offering seamless investment protection with the present 7500 systems.

The 7500E series delivers triple-speed 10/40/100G module that has embedded optics. The same line card can be software configured on a per port basis delivering linear price-per gigabit at every port speed. These integrated optics in the line card modules offer a ten-fold reduction in the cost of deploying 100GbE. Retaining single binary EOS image consistency, the 7500E Series delivers self-healing resilience and programmatic control to every aspect of the switch.

The 7500 E series switches are priced at $99,995 for the switch and $10,000 per 100GbE port, $2,200 per 40GbE and under $600 per 10GbE port.


Arista Networks has retained the chassis which is 11 rack unit from its predecessor 7500 series switch which was launched in 2010 while other features have been upgraded. Jayashree Ullal, president and CEO, Arista Networks stated, "With the launch of this switch, we are double speed ahead of computing. Arista 7500E series is three times better than every metrics as compared to its predecessor and we are five times better than our competition."

She further added, "We are bettering ourselves as we also want to be best of breed and build the cloud scale. Our competition has not given product to one generation but we are already ahead of next generation. We have also introduced Software-defined Networks features on 7500E series - Real time Alerts of Interface Limits (RAIL), VXLAN, Data Analyzer (DANZ) and health tracer which does in line diagonostics. It gives them traffic visibility."

The company has enhanced 7500 E series switch's capacity 30 terabits from 10 terabits which was offered by 7500 series. The latency is also reduced from 10-15 micro-seconds to less than 4-5 micro-seconds. The power has gone down from 10-15 watts power per port while 7500E series consumes over 3 watts of power per port. The buffer capacity has been extended from 50 Gigabits per chassis to 144 Gigabits while other chassis are at 1 Gigabit.

VXLAN performance enables to scale and it supports 1 to 4 million virtual machines and 100,000 physical servers, it supports 60 million cloud domains.