Aricent’s launches next version of ISS

V&D Bureau
New Update

The Aricent Group, a premier R&D engineering services and software company, today announced the addition of more timing and synchronization features to its award-winning routing and switching framework, Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS).


The new evolved ISS along with Aricent's comprehensive product life-cycle services enable equipment manufacturers quickly introduce innovative carrier-grade Ethernet products to the market.

With the proliferation of data-hungry smart devices in the market, service providers are turning to Ethernet technologies to provide simple, cost-effective backhaul solutions to manage the subsequent increase in data traffic. However, propagation of timing information from a precision reference source is a critical requirement for mobile networks, and the asynchronous nature of Ethernet poses some serious challenges for service providers migrating from legacy SDH/SONET technologies.

To help overcome this, Aricent has further evolved its award winning ISS stack by adding two of the most popular timing and frequency synchronization methods over Ethernet - IEEE 1588, or Precision Time Protocol (PTP), and Synchronous Ethernet or SyncE ( ITU-T G.8261/2/4).


PTP provides a standard protocol for orchestrating timing among Ethernet environments by synchronizing all systems to the highest quality "clock" on the network. This method brings synchronization down to the sub-millisecond range. SyncE is a key development in the evolution of Ethernet into a carrier grade technology. It uses similar external references as a source for frequency synchronization, as previously were used by SDH and SONET technology to provide accurate frequency reference.

With the introduction of technologies for transport of timing and synchronization over packet networks, including PTP and SyncE, Ethernet has become a carrier-grade technology and is positioned as the technology of the next generation backhaul infrastructure. The choice of synchronization technology, however, depends on the application.

"The modular implementation of ISS allows network equipment manufacturers the flexibility to incorporate the most appropriate synchronization technology into their products," said Sridhar Raju, assistant vice president and head of the wireline communications practice at Aricent.

The innovative nature of our implementation allows network equipment to use both PTP and SyncE in combination to derive the most optimum solution added Raju.