Aricent Launches Award-Winning Celltop Product

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Aricent has announced the worldwide availability of the award-winning Celltop,

a mobile client framework that enables the delivery of next-generation content,

commerce and communication services across GSM and CDMA networks. Celltop allows

mobile service providers to transform the user experience by providing easy

access to data services and applications. In addition, the Celltop software

development kit (SDK) for both Brew uiOne and J2ME handset platforms is now

available for third party developers, content providers and aggregators to

create future cells for the Celltop platform.

Celltop, similar to the personalized short-cuts on the desktop of a personal

computer and is based on the widget concept, solves the problem of content

discovery by giving users the ability to personalize and manage content in

cells. This functionality dramatically reduces the obstacle of multiple click-throughs

and allows users to easily reach their desired content faster and easier than