Apple, Samsung in talks for e-Sim card movement

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NEW DELHI: Now switching between operators will become easy with Apple and Samsung planning to launch e-Sim in collaboration with the different telecom operators.


Overcoming the drawback of sticking to a specific mobile network, the electronic or embedded Sim will enable users to switch a smartphone, tablet or wearable from one network operator to another.

GSMA, an industry representing the interests of mobile operators globally, is expected to announce an agreement on the creation of standardized embedded SIM cards for consumer devices, which will include smartphones and their manufacturers.

Last year, Apple had launched its own Sim card for its latest iPads with operators such as T-Mobile and AT&T in the US, and EE in the UK.

A SIM card is the tiny piece of plastic in the phone that stores phone number and info about data plan and identifies your phone to the carrier.

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