App-less, voice command solutions to drive home automation market

BENGALURU: Getting Alexa, Amazon Echo’s hands-free speaker, to talk to home appliances, security systems and devices, is enabling the next step in home automation. With Alexa supporting the home automation system, consumers can just talk to their devices, choosing convenience over an app-only based control system.

At the recently concluded Electrical Building Technology India (EBTI) event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on Oct 7, 2016, the 2008-founded IoT-based home automation company, Silvan Innovation Labs launched its next new series of retrofit wireless control modules that caters to entrance management, security, comfort and convenience and entertainment. Silvan aims to target the realty market with its app-independent solutions for home automation and security. The company’s USP lies in developing home automation solutions that can take voice commands through Amazon Echo.

Silvan kick-started its operations in Bengaluru with Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that had built-in intelligence to detect events automatically. As the business started to take shape, Silvan expanded its scope by entering into the sphere of home automation based on contemporary technologies such as cloud services and IoT.

At the event Silvan created a live experience of the following products:

  • Smart Lighting Zone, which combines several wireless products to display a comprehensive lighting experience and highlights how all of those products fit in the lighting and switching businesses seamlessly.
  • A Home IoT Zone, which has a variety of wireless IoT devices and facilitates control of home appliances like Air Conditioners, Geysers, Curtain Motors, Locks, etc. effortlessly.
  • Smart Security Zone, showcasing a comprehensive security solution beyond simple intrusion systems along with its cloud service.

The latest series of modules include SIRUS, SIREL, SANSA and LUMOS LITE. Silvan had earlier launched five of its consumer products called CBELL, SECURE, CUBO, LUMOS and zPLY, in June 2016.

In a short interaction with Voice&Data, Silvan’s Founder Avinash K Gautam, expressed on how upbeat he is on IoT-based automation in the realty sector and what makes IoT a successful technology for his venture. “There has been an increased awareness among people about Home Automation and we are certainly seeing a trend of more and more people opting for it. This increase can be attributed to the easy availability of affordable smart automation products like Silvan’s and also due to the always connected Smartphones which have become part and parcel of people’s lifestyle. Home automation, I believe, is the next step of evolution in the realty segment,” said Gautam.

Gautam stated that his products are designed specifically for Indian environment and homes. The company’s top selling consumer products would be SECURE, LUMOS and CBELL. SECURE is a wireless security system which detects burglaries, gas leakages, fires etc. Coupled with Silvan’s cloud service for centralized monitoring, these products provide easy and reliable security solution for people’s homes. LUMOS provides easy automation of lights, while retaining functionality of conventional switches. CBELL is a Wi-Fi video door bell system that allows the consumer to view and monitor the main door of the house. “A change in urban lifestyle with desire to have a better lifestyle, coupled with heightened awareness about security issues, is spurring the demand of these products,” indicates Gautam.

Commenting on the company’s future roadmap, Gautam said, “Silvan is committed to make home automation solutions easily available and user friendly. For easier usability, Silvan is working towards an ‘app-less’ strategy wherein users will not require smart devices to control their electrical appliance. Though app is a good way to use automation, we believe that real mass adoption will happen only when it reaches a level of simplicity where the system just sits in the background and does its job, without needing much intervention from home owners. In our latest products that were launched this month, we have integrated voice command interface through Amazon Echo, which means that you can now talk to your home by giving a command using the wake word ‘Alexa’ to do certain things within your house.”

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