Telephone billing giant Amdoc

Amdocs launches new capabilities

NEW DELHI: Telephone billing giant Amdocs has announced new capabilities within the Amdocs Omni-Channel Experience solution to allow mobile service providers to connect to content and application providers (CAPs) to deliver new and creative digital services to users.

“Via integration with Google’s publicly available mobile data plan application program interface (API), the Amdocs Omni-Channel Experience solution has been initially deployed to interoperate with Google’s YouTube app, and in the future may be able to be deployed to support other Google services and CAPs who are using the same API,” the company said in its statement.

“The interoperability of the Amdocs solution with YouTube’s mobile app allows improved in-app data transparency and data transactions. YouTube will be able to offer customers the ability to view YouTube videos offline at reduced rates during off-peak hours, thereby allowing service providers to shift traffic from peak hours to times when their network is underutilized, providing dynamic pricing opportunities and ensuring better viewing quality. Data balance and rate information will be provided by the Amdocs Omni-Channel Experience solution, enabling service providers to present this information in a consistent way across different customer touch points, including YouTube’s mobile app,” t said.

“The integration of the Amdocs Omni-Channel Experience solution with Google’s mobile data API bridges the gap between service provider networks and content providers,” said Dr. Mark Mortensen, Research Director, Analysys Mason.

“This streamlines collaboration between app providers and operators, making possible unique application-specific features to end users for better experiences – using the channels that the users want to use,” he said.

“It’s a fast-moving digital world and we are committed to helping our service provider customers quickly and easily bring to market richer digital services by opening their systems to an ecosystem of partners,” said Chris Williams, head of global marketing at Amdocs.

“Working together with Google, we are offering service providers innovative ways to cater to the digital lifestyle of today’s Generation C consumers and power their businesses with new, digitally-enabled capabilities, building customer trust through data transparency and increasing business value through network traffic optimization,” he added.

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