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When you travel, Ecorio tracks your carbon impact using the phone's GPS. It determines the influence you have while moving.

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There is an app for almost anything these days, including energy efficiency. This includes exercising, sleeping, cooking, and job searching. Smart software developers have stepped in to make the entire process of preserving the world a little easier and, in some cases, pretty fun too, as power bills creep ever higher and we're blasted with environmental messaging. Here are five apps to calculate your carbon footprint and lower it.

  • Ecorio- Android: Free

When you travel, Ecorio tracks your carbon impact using the phone's GPS. It determines the influence you have while moving, the footprint you are currently leaving, and the potential annual footprint you could leave if your behaviours don't change. After you've seen what your footprint looks like, the app offers you suggestions for taking action, such as cutting less on high-impact travel, being inspired to explore greener options, or buying carbon offsets via Google Checkout. By picking an option from the "What if I..." field, you can instantly see how much your carbon footprint can be reduced by doing so.

Ecorio can also use GPS to track your driving patterns and provide you with driving efficiency information. Say you're not driving very efficiently and would prefer to skip it entirely. Through Google Transit, Ecorio can suggest several public transit options. Or, it can connect you to Zimride so you can locate someone to carpool with.

  • Zero Carbon- iPhone, iPod touch and iPad: Free

In comparison to its competitors in the App Store, Zero Carbon is a global Carbon Footprinting application. It not only informs you of the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by your everyday activities at home and at work and have an impact on the environment, but it also offers you advice on how to lower your emissions. You can better educate yourself on the Carbon Footprint and the objectives of how to take care of the earth by sharing your results and future environmental commitments with your Facebook Friends. You can even use it to fund initiatives to reduce emissions, which will lessen the overall impact of your actions. The following features are available in the application:

  • A calculator for one's own carbon footprint
  • a list of things you can do to lower your carbon emissions
  • a Facebook add-on that enables you to share your findings with your friends
  • Comparison of your own data with global averages
  • Informational Q&A that everyone should read
  • A carbon emission reduction tool that enables you to do so while also contributing to the funding of approved global carbon emission reduction initiatives
  • To lessen another person's emissions, you can send a gift of "avoided carbon tonnes" or set up a user account for personal offset
  • My Planet- Android: Free

You can observe how your daily choices affect your small corner of the earth with the help of My Planet. Start by individualising and claiming your world. Then we'll quiz you to see how environmentally conscious you are. Your responses will have a subtle effect on the world you've made.

  • Get badges
  • Learn useful hints
  • Post your accomplishments on Facebook
  • Respond to the first 10 questions, then one every day
  • Watch how the world is still being shaped by your activities
  • Carbon book app- iOS and Android free

The Carbon Book App, a Non-Profit Social Initiative of World of Circular Economy (WOCE), is a sustainability and carbon accounting solution for individuals and institutions. The app captures, calculates, and offsets carbon footprint. In addition, it acts as an aggregator for all sustainable products to promote green living. The app allows for emission calculations that are geo specific as every country has different standards/emission calculations. All emission calculation algorithms are compliant with government/international organisation standards.

How does the app work?


It has five simple steps/modules: -

a.     Registration- is OTP (one-time password) enabled

b.     Capture- tracks daily activities such as travel (by car, rail, air, bike, train), food, home energy consumption (gas & electricity), and home waste.


c.     Calculate- gives an insight on your daily and monthly emissions over time.

d.     Offset- gives an option to offset by investing in green projects. 

e.     Marketplace- gives an option to buy sustainable products from our marketplace partners  


Key Highlights of App

  • App Support Global rollout includes major countries (US/UK/Germany/India). Sarted with India and US. More countries are in pipeline 
  • Emission calculations are Geo specific as every country have different standards/emission calculations
  • All emission calculation algorithms are compliant with government/international organization standards
  • System is customizable and features can be added/removed based on the requirements. 
  • App can be integrated with institutes Student Management Systems/Enterprise Systems for various information
  • “Offset Green Projects” & “Reward Programs” can be customized as per the requirements

In conclusion, tracking and reducing our carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important as we strive towards a more sustainable future. Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are now amazing apps available that can help us in our efforts to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. By using these apps to track our carbon footprint, we can gain valuable insights into our daily habits and identify areas where we can make changes to reduce our impact on the planet.

Overall, using these amazing apps to track and reduce our carbon footprint is not only good for the environment, but it can also help us lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. By taking small steps towards a more sustainable future, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations to come.