Alcatel Lucent signs 4G LTE agreement with Telenor

Alcatel-Lucent said that it has signed an agreement with Telenor Group to provide 4G LTE network to Telenor subsidiaries 13 countries in Europe and Asia.

As per the agreement, Telenor subsidiaries can offer Alcatel Lucent’s 4G LTE overlay solution as an alternative to single RAN deployment.

“Alcatel-Lucent’s 4G LTE overlay network provides operators with a significantly faster and less expensive 4G deployment option, enabling LTE services to be quickly launched over the top of existing mobile infrastructure without the need for time-consuming equipment upgrades,” a statement said.

“We are very pleased with this agreement where Alcatel-Lucent are providing our subsidiaries with an attractive opportunity to forcefully adopt the rapidly evolving 4G LTE technology. This agreement directly supports our strategy for the coming years and will provide Telenor’s customers with the best possible customer experience delivered by the most efficient and robust network technology and architecture,” said Hilde Tonne, Executive Vice President, Group Industrial Development Telenor Group.

“This agreement underlines the strength of relationship Alcatel-Lucent enjoys with Telenor, and the relevance of its expertise and focus on ultra-broadband access technology. The agreement clears the path for us to enter negotiations on our 4G LTE overlay solution with Telenor’s subsidiaries throughout Europe and Asia, and follows a number of other major agreements we have made with Telenor over the last few years which have included small cells, IP transport and mobile video product solutions,” siad Luis Martinez Amago, President Europe, Middle East and Africa of Alcatel-Lucent.

“Telenor and Alcatel Lucent have a long standing relationship. Prior to this agreement, both the mobile telecom giants signed a three-year agreement in June 2013, according to which Alcatel provided high-speed Internet services to Telenor’s 2G, 3G and 4G customers across Europe and Asia. This apart, Alcatel has entered into a number of new ventures in the recent past. Alcatel also cut a deal with Telenor India to provide and manage transformation services to Telenor Group’s subsidiary, Telewings Communications Private Limited,” as per the report.

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