Airtel XStream Fiber

Airtel Xstream Fiber to Provide Connectivity for up to 60 Devices

On Thursday, Airtel Xstream Fiber announced that it is launching a new campaign under which it is promoting its latest WiFi routers. These routers are capable of supporting up to 60 devices on one router, the Bharti Airtel-owned company said.

Airtel XStream Fiber boosts Router Capacity

The network provider has launched new Wi-Fi routers. Notably, these routers are capable of supporting as many as 60 devices concurrently, over a single FTTH connection. This means that over one connection, users can run as many as 60 connected devices at the same time.

This can prove to be vital to the booming IoT business in the country. Nowadays more and more people opting for IoT devices such as smart lighting and appliances. Supporting 60 devices at once can boost creating use-cases like smart homes greatly.

The network provider is also promoting the same via a new marketing campaign “Connectivity for up to 60 devices at once”. The upgraded router is available with the Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 3999 monthly plan. The plan also offers unlimited data at 1Gbps speed. The plan offers a complimentary upgrade to the latest router.

Airtel said that the new 4X4 router makes sure that the connection actually delivers 1Gbps speed with the said amount of users.

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