ex-Airtel employees launch telecom VAS company

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TK Varadarajan and Sriram Ravindran, both ex-Bharti Airtel, have launched Ascenso Telecom Solutions aimed at the telecom

VAS market.


Ascenso Telecom Solutions will focus on providing VAS services management to telco's and media companies in India and abroad. It will focus primarily on creating a great user experience to make a mark with end consumers. Varadarajan will be responsible for strategy, marketing & sales; while Sriram will look after product management & operations.

Ascenso is headquartered in Chennai and has a staff strength of 15. It is funded by a group of angel investors, who are based in India, Taiwan and the US.

Varadarajan, who left Bharti Airtel as Head — Entertainment to start this venture has 14 years of experience in the telecom VAS space both in India and abroad. He has many firsts in the Indian telecom market to his name — Cricket packs, Hindi/ Regional language STKs, Airtel Messenger, Airtel Live on iPhone to name a few. Says Varadarajan “Services that are simple to understand and use, while being relevant, will ensure that end customers try & continue to use VAS services; Ascenso will concentrate on these aspects to make an impact.”

Sriram, with 10 years of experience in the telecom domain in India and the Middle East, was most recently the Head — Messaging and Utility Products at Bharti Airtel. In an earlier role as Head — Voice Sevices, he managed to grow his portfolio of services at Airtel by 200%+ in 2 years. Says Sriram, “Customers' Longevity and engagement with services are challenges faced by most telecom operators in India and abroad. To address this, our efforts are focused at understanding (customers') requirements in order to provide relevance and value for money.”

By V&D Team