AFL Develops Rapid Deployment System for Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

AFL, the manufacturer of fiber optic cable and accessories, aims to expand its rapid deployment ground tactical fiber optics solution to include the new Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System.

Citadel Intelligent Systems (CIS), a Bangalore-based start-up and manufacturer of finest optic fiber solutions, today demonstrated AFL’s Rapid Deployment System for Tactical Fiber Optic Cables at DEFEXPO 2018, being held at Thiruporur Taluk, Kancheepuram, East Coast Road, Chennai.

This system eases the deployment of tactical fiber optic cables by greatly reducing handling and set up time for portable deployment and retrieval in field conditions. In 2017, AFL announced its partnership with CIS to manufacture optic fiber solutions for India and globally.

“The highly transportable reel system is easy to carry with built-in carrying grips. For heavier assemblies or longer transport distances, the unique tripod stand can be converted to a caddy to rapidly and easily relocate the reel,” said Michael Gauci, product development manager for AFL. “Reels can be locked together using an innovative mechanism which provides four points of contact around the circumference, stabilizing reels for storage and shipping and allowing for deployment of multiple cables simultaneously.”

Enthralled about the participation at DefExpo 2018, KK Shetty, CEO and Managing Director, Citadel Intelligent Systems said, “This is our first year in the largest and the most prestigious Defence Expo. As a strategic partner of AFL, we will be manufacturing and delivering tactical fiber optic solutions to Indian customers that finds its application in harsh environments where the need for strong technology, superior connectivity, advanced communication systems and deep insight of  real-time data flow is high. He further adds, “Today, we are here to showcase our industrial expertise in the Tactical Fiber Optic manufacturing for the defence sector and reach out to the core customer segments.”

The Sidewinder reel system is made from a high impact grade polymer that is also light weight and easy to handle. The removable handle enables fast sidewinding action so that cable rigging can be accomplished rapidly. The reel features storage capacity for up to a kilometer of 4-Ch tactical cable and offers convenient access to both ends of the cable by use of a storage flange around the central hub. Additionally, the reel features custom engineered foam inserts that provide for secure storage and protection of cable end terminations inside the drum as well as a built-in storage location for a field cleaning kit or repair kit.

“In conjunction with AFL’s complete line of tactical cables, the new Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System enables our partners to quickly and reliably deploy networks capable of supporting high bandwidth applications,” stated Craig Stratton, market and business development manager for AFL. ”By continuing to expand our ground tactical solution, AFL is providing even more value to our partners in industrial and harsh environment fiber optic markets.”

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