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ACT Fibernet upgrades internet broadband plans across Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad

ACT Fibernet has recently upgraded speed and data limits for its existing fixed term broadband plans across Tamil Nadu and in Hyderabad.

The Internet has become a necessity that is enabling the smooth functioning of professional, educational, and personal interactions in the new normal. Considering the usage of the internet has increased, ACT Fibernet has rolled out its revamped plans across different cities.

“We always aim to provide unrestricted and uninterrupted internet access to our customers at all times, especially now when everything is digitalised. With the increase and demand in the usage of the internet, we have upgraded data and speed limits for existing broadband customers in these cities. We believe this will help to empower them to undertake work seamlessly and more effectively.”, said Sandeep Gupta, COO, ACT Fibernet, speaking on the announcement of the upgrade.

In Hyderabad, ACT Fibernet is providing unlimited data with A-Max 1325 and Incredible 1999 with 300Mbps and 400Mbps speed respectively. The A-Max 500 plan has been upgraded to 500 GB FUP from 300 GB FUP, and 40Mbps from 30Mbps.

The A-Max 700 plan has been revised to 1000GB FUP from 500 GB FUP with 75Mbps speed from 50Mbps speed and A-Max 1075 plan has been upgraded to 150Mbps speed from 125Mbps speed.

In Chennai, ACT Fibernet has launched a new plan ACT Starter which will offer 40 Mbps speed and unlimited FUP. Additionally, ACT Basic has been upgraded from 60Mbps to 75Mbps at no additional cost while the rest of the plans remain the same.

In Coimbatore, ACT Fibernet revamped all the existing plans to enable seamless internet access. The ACT Basic plan has been upgraded from 500 GB FUP to 1000 GB FUP, and 40Mbps to 50Mbps speed.  ACT Rush has been upgraded from 1000 GB FUP to 1500 GB FUP with 100 Mbps speed.

ACT Sprint has been revised from 1500 GB FUP to 2000 GB FUP, and 150Mbps to 200Mbps speed, and ACT Race has been upgraded from 2000 GB FUP to 2500 GB FUP, and 175Mbps to 250Mbps speed. Similarly, ACT Zoom has been increased from 2500 GB FUP to 3300 GB FUP, and 200Mbps to 250Mbps speed, and ACT Bolt has been upgraded to 3300 GB FUP from 3000 GB FUP and 250Mbps to 300Mbps speed.

For Madurai, ACT has doubled its two plans, ACT Silver and ACT Gold. ACT Silver has been upgraded from 500 GB to1000 GB FUP, and 50Mbps to 75 Mbps speed. ACT Gold has been boosted to 2000 GB FUP from 1000 GB FUP, and from 100MBps to 150 Mbps.

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