ACT Fibernet upgrades broadband speeds to 150 Mbps in Bangalore

NEW DELHI: Hyderabad-based broadband player ACT Fibernet has recently launched 150 Mbps broadband speed for the first time in Bangalore.

Additionally, the company has also revised and upgraded the speed and FUP limits across its existing broadband plans which will allow customers to enjoy high internet speed at no extra cost.

“Beginning 1st September 2017, ACT Swift has been upgraded to 10 Mbps speed with 50 GB FUP limit versus its previous offering of 5 Mbps speed and 40 GB FUP. ACT Rapid Plus has been upgraded to 50 Mbps and 100 GB FUP from 30 Mbps speed and 70 GB FUP, ACT Blaze to 75 Mbps speed and 140 GB FUP limit from 60 Mbps speed and 100 GB FUP, ACT Storm to 90 Mbps speed and 175 GB FUP limit from 75 Mbps speed and 125 GB FUP, ACT Lightning to 90 Mbps speed and 225 GB FUP limit from 75 Mbps speed and 175 GB FUP,” the company said.

The company has been upgraded to super- fast 150 Mbps speed and 350 GB FUP limit from 100 Mbps speed and 250 GB FUP.

Similarly, ACT Essential has been upgraded to 150 Mbps speed and 550 GB FUP limit from 100 Mbps speed and 400 GB FUP, ACT Advance to 150 Mbps speed and 750 GB FUP limit from 125 Mbps speed and 550 FUP, ACT Progress to 150 Mbps and 1000 GB FUP limit from 125 Mbps speed and 750 GB FUP. ACT Fibernet has upgraded all its plans with higher data and faster speed for the residents of Bangalore at no additional cost.

Speaking on the upgraded plans, Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd commented, “At ACT Fibernet we believe in bringing the best experiences to our customers and as a step to further enhance our customer experience, we have upgraded all our plans with higher speeds and enhanced FUP limits. As market leaders in Bangalore we have also launched 150 Mbps speeds for the first time in the city. Our plans will enable superior internet experience especially around entertainment through 4k and HD movies /TV series and downloads. Further, our customers can now enjoy uninterrupted internet services at unmatched speeds in Bangalore”

The below table captures the plan details at a glance: –


Monthly Plans – 1stSeptember 2017Monthly Rental (Rs.)Existing plansNew plans
SpeedFUPSpeed After FUPSpeedFUPSpeed After FUP
ACT Swift6755 Mbps40 GB256 Kbps10 Mbps50 GB256 Kbps
ACT Rapid Plus94930 Mbps70 GB512 Kbps50 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps
ACT Blaze104960 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps75 Mbps140 GB512 Kbps
ACT Storm114975 Mbps125 GB512 Kbps90 Mbps175GB512 Kbps
ACT Lightning139975 Mbps175 GB512 Kbps90 Mbps225 GB512 Kbps
ACT Incredible1999100 Mbps250 GB1 Mbps150 Mbps350 GB1 Mbps
ACT Essential2999100 Mbps400 GB2 Mbps150 Mbps550 GB2 Mbps
ACT Advance3999125 Mbps550 GB2 Mbps150 Mbps750 GB2 Mbps
ACT Progress4999125 Mbps750 GB2 Mbps150 Mbps1000 GB2 Mbps


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