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New Update

Communication networks today are increasingly required to provide diverse

functionality as growing organizations demand scalable infrastructure that

allows them to integrate complex technologies and support new business



In the enterprise IT field, there is a growing demand for cabling

infrastructure to be future proof. It should not only look after the current

needs of a business, but also meet the future requirements. The cabling

infrastructure is considered a long term investment that should last beyond at

least fifteen years. The decision makers are therefore extremely cautious in

making their choices for the structured cabling systems.

Rolta India, an Indian multinational organization, needed all the above. The

company, which has always been on the growth path and has executed projects in

over forty countries worldwide, is a strong player in diverse fields such as

defense; homeland security and government; communications and utilities; and

oil, gas and petrochemicals. Rolta serves these markets globally by providing

innovative geospatial information solutions (GIS), engineering and design

services and solutions (EDS); and enterprise information and communications

technology (EICT). In the area of enterprise IT, Rolta offers a focused set of

services in e-security, enterprise IT management, ERP consulting and deployment

as well as a wide range of database and business intelligence solutions.

Optimal Physical Infrastructure

With growth and expansion being the most important factors for Rolta, demand

for advanced applications, higher bandwidth and quick data transmission has been

growing. This, in turn requires an optimal physical infrastructure.


For the new structured cabling system infrastructure at the Gurgoan facility,

Rolta wanted to provide around 4,000 data and voice nodes with high rates of

data transmission and gigabit throughput. They required a cabling solution that

would be more than standards compliant. Rolta was looking for a high

performance, tried and tested, reliable solution built with quality products.

Saving on capex and achieving a high RoI was equally important.

The Choice

Rolta India chose DIGILINK as the latter was able to exceed all these
requirements with the added advantage of local sales and services support from

DIGILINK and a DIGILINK certified system integrator. DIGILINK offered the latest

technology, high bandwidth backbone capable of handling future load with high

reliability and negligible down time, which is important for online


DIGILINK offered its G600 Cat6 Solution. Cat6 cable that is the most trusted

and accepted cabling technology for such requirements today. The earlier

inhibitions expressed by the companies mainly came from the high price and the

need for backward compatibility. With DIGILINK high performance solution, which

is also very cost-effective, these inhibitions no longer exist.


G600 Cat6

With a reputation for high quality and lower associated installment costs,

DIGILINK G600 Cat6 provides punch down modular solution, where the same style of

jack is used for both the panel and wall outlet, exceeding the recommended

channel performance to double. High performance, reliability, cost effectiveness

and ease of installation were the main reasons for choosing DIGILINK against

other competitors. A full twenty-five year performance warranty will be issued

after the completion of installation which will have high headroom due to use of

DIGILINK structured cabling solution.

The project was successfully executed and the solution was implemented by the

partners. Work Sphere Architects, Vector Projects, and Venire were given the

responsibility for SCS, each partner handling the implementation work for two

floors. The project was handled by DIGILINK Mumbai's local team with the help of

NS Gadage, consultant, commercial, Rolta India; and Tushar Mody, AVP, corporate

infrastructure and support, Rolta.

Kannan K