Leveraging communication, connectivity, and AI for business growth

Connectivity, communications, and AI are all together. They are three pillars for digital transformation. They are bringing forth innovation in products and services.

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Connectivity for business growth

The next panel discussion was on: Leveraging communication, connectivity, and AI for business growth. It was moderated by Anil Chopra, VP, Research & Consulting, CMR.

Three pillars for digital transformation

Arun Karna, MD & CEO, AT&T Global Network Services, India, said that connectivity, communications, and AI are all together. They are three pillars for digital transformation. They are bringing forth innovation in products and services. FWA is also there. We can see the acceleration of innovation in enterprises. People, systems, processes, machines, etc., are all connected ubiquitously. Telcos are all about being network-centric solution providers. They are investing big time in core computing architecture. 


Telcos are building flexible and agile networks. AI/ML is disrupting how enterprises do business. It is bringing power of data to enterprises. GenAI is happening, with integration sparking off huge innovation. We are seeing more efficient product and services. AT&T's global capabilities include India, the fastest-growing economy. India is adopting many new technologies. We have 600PB of data being thrown on our networks. 

Enterprises can connect on-prem infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly. We are now called to provide composable elements. Composability has become a reality. We have TAO or total access orchestration. Digital ecosystem solves problems. It can take in customizable solutions, and also bring new solutions. Lot of action is also shifting to the edge. 5G with multi-access cloud compute, software-defined networking, etc., are also there. We need to have global network, with SLAs is an advantage.

Time for AGI

Himanshu Gupta, Country Manager, TME, HPE India, noted that data is growing like anything. AI is going to be the technology where most money is going to flow. AI is now encompassing everything. AI started with discussions for science and fiction. We will also have artificial general intelligence (AGI). Humans can merge with machines, and become even more smarter! 


GenAI is driven by LLMs. We have AI consumers, and AI producers, such as hyperscalers. AI will be the most disruptive technology. Telecom networks and telecom providers are now very important. SK Telecom and Deutsche Telecom have partnered for digital services over GenAI. Telcos and enterprises need to be cashed upon.

Digital superhighway

Salil Khanna, National Head, Enterprise & Govt. Business, Reliance Jio, stated that as a digital services player, we see devices at the lower end. On top there is cloud, and then, platforms. Then, there is the app layer. AI will touch each portion. Jio is perhaps, the only player across all these layers. We have Jio Platforms. We are working on bringing AI as a cost viable layer for the country. 

India is travelling from $3 trillion to $5 trillion economy. It will spur investments by even more private companies. India spends 1.3% of GDP into ICT spend. For China, it is 2.4%, and 4.5% for USA. ICT spend is also going to double in future. There will be AI services, managed services, and platforms. 


5G has given us capability as digital superhighway. We have the possibility to do edge computing anywhere. All layers need to work together, and give predictable outcomes to customers. 5G is a great enabler. Business is happening across areas such as mining, automation, manufacturing etc. We are now getting into the technology Amrit Kaal.

Customer impact

Sheena Joseph, National Head, Customer Service & Operations, Enterprise Business, Vodafone India, noted we are looking at customer impact of communication, connectivity, collaboration, and AI. We are giving much seamless customer experience. We have cloud that helps download digital notes, book meeting rooms, connect with say, Vodafone France. Prompt notes can be given to audience. AI tools can translate in French. 

We also have chat bots today. We need to create information from all these bots, so that we have all information required for customers. AI cases are generally in customer service and marketing. Infrastructure can be used by AI, and predict MTBF. We can also build predictive maintenance. That is the business proposition for customers. 

From telcos to tech-cos

Saibal Roy, SVP & Business Head, North & East India, Bharti Airtel, said that offering value proposition to customers has been very strong in Airtel. We are all tech companies (tech-cos), rather than telcos. We are looking at providing solutions for enterprises. Fintech industry has undergone maximum change. We have reached a stage where we can give a concised solution. In the IoT market, we have 56% share. Smart meter is an important area here. We offer the entire embedded solution. 

Private network is all about partnerships. Connectivity is most important. Other partners, such as sensor, platform, cloud, players, will also be there. We can value add there. We enjoy the trust of our customers.

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